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Technology changes constantly. As you read this blog entry, new things are being created, connections are being made, and once commonly used apps or hardware are becoming obsolete.

At WMS, we have made a commitment to integrate technology as part of our 2014-16 Strategic Plan and are well on our way. However, our primary commitment continues to be to learning. As we work with children each day, our goal remains the same: creating lifelong learners.

When Montessori education began, Maria Montessori could not have imagined the tools available to us today. However, she created tools that continue to guide, support and ignite passion for learning.

Whether children and teachers are using a pink tower, language materials, the checkerboard, an iPad or laptop, learning is the goal. Connecting ideas, collaborating with others, getting feedback that encourages further questioning and learning are the foundations of a robust learning environment and continue to be the foundations of learning at WMS.