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nancie-atwell-7Last month, Nancie Atwell of the Center for Teaching and Learning won the first Global Teaching Prize. Atwell is a teacher in the small town of Edgecomb, Maine, and is known to so many other teachers throughout the world for her work in literacy, teaching the skills of reading and writing. At WMS, we have used her work as a guiding force in establishing the curriculum for the 9-12 Program.

Although Nancie Atwell’s books are used by many teachers, it is who she is as a person that inspires teachers to refine their practice and do their best for the children they teach. Searching the website for the Center for Teaching and Learning leads one to understand the mission and values of the school, which align with WMS and its mission. Children are accepted for who they are, taught what they need to learn as individuals and given multiple opportunities to understand the concepts being taught. They are approached as individuals first. I have followed Nancie Atwell for years, attended her workshops and worked to incorporate her ideas and lessons into the lessons I taught. She is genuine – a person who listens and learns, inspires, and delights in the children in her classroom and school. It is fitting that she has received this prize and recognition for all that she has done for teachers everywhere.

Note: If you click on no other link, check this link that suggests books for your children to read. It is a great resource.