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During the past week, several of our staff members attended workshops to extend their learning. Professional development is a closely held value at WMS. Our teachers, extended day and camp staff, and administrators all participate in professional development throughout the year. It is an opportunity for them to learn, wonder, connect and consider their practice in a different light.

Our primary goals are to do the best job we can at educating children to be citizens of the world, to develop a passion for learning and creating. Inspiring the adults in the community is key to these goals.  In the past few weeks, staff members have attended workshops about autism spectrum disorders, writing with kindergartners, marketing, communications and admissions at independent schools as well as the American Montessori Society annual conference in Philadelphia this March. Learning is not for children only. It is for each of us, no matter our role at WMS.

Though we have attended these workshops and have many more to come over the summer months, what really matters is that we are on a continual learning path. We meet regularly in cohorts within the school; we belong to associations and connect with people who are doing similar work. We share ideas and learn from others. Lifelong learning is a goal for everyone at WMS.