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Alumnus Brad Wason, who recently started working for Zappos, wrote the following blog post about how Wilmington Montessori School has helped him deal with the changes that are happening in his work life today. His words serve as yet another example of how WMS prepares students for their future – both in school and in life.

Growing up Teal.
by Bradford Wason

If the title of this post is perplexing to you, I assure you, that you’re not alone. Only recently have I been enlightened to the meaning and it provided a bit of context to my life up to this point. For the past few weeks I’ve digested a mountain of information and ideas from concepts presented in Frederic Laloux’s book: Reinventing Organizations. I’ll admit my first pass of the book was tough, though I blame that on the subtext of my perspectve at the time. I had just found out that the new job I had started nine weeks ago would be evaporating in a sense as of May 1st. I work for Zappos and if you haven’t heard, we’re going Teal. Hello self-management and goodbye managers (that’s me).

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