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11406322_882218155184772_2541703417757660321_o 11425105_882218055184782_1028187084652779400_oWilmington Montessori School is open all year long. Summer brings Camp Montessori, and camp brings familiar and not-so-familiar faces. Each summer we have the privilege of hosting returning campers and camp staff. We renew friendships and become reacquainted as we catch up on the past year’s happenings. One thing that distinguishes Camp Montessori is our returning alumni. Former students return as campers in seventh and eighth grades, but they also come back as Leaders-in-Training (LIT) and Assistant and Lead Camp Counselors. In fact, about 75 percent of our summer-only camp staff consists of WMS alumni/past students! This is truly an opportunity for their WMS experience to come full circle. We know how important a role school plays in creating the workers of the future. At Camp Montessori, we get to see it play out each day during the summer. It’s an opportunity for alumni to see their school in a different way and a chance for their former teachers to see them as an older grown-up version of the child they knew “back when.” Everything we do at WMS prepares children as life-long learners and contributors to their world. Camp Montessori is a natural next step in this process.