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Summer is a time that school children everywhere look forward to – a time to relax, play and take part in new experiences. The same can be said for the adults in our community.

This summer has begun with an increased feeling of freedom for many of us. It has also begun with opportunities to learn and grow. In the past three weeks, we have had more than 10 staff members attend a variety of professional development workshops. Of course, each workshop has a focus. We will learn skills that help us enhance our classroom community, refine our teaching practice, understand the benefits and challenges of independent school education, network with fellow Delawareans in the nonprofit sector and more. However, what the brochures and websites for these events doesn’t tell us is that we will be re-energized and reinvigorated as a result of attending. We will leave these workshops with ideas that came from talking to other participants. We will begin to wonder anew about how to accomplish our goals. We will sit back, take in the information, participate in the dialogue and reflect… on our school, ourselves, our past and our potential.

Summer is a time for renewal. It gives us the space to wonder and learn, to hit refresh, and move forward with energy and enthusiasm.