Free the Child's PotentialI was reading Seth Godin’s blog the other day and this post reminded me of what we work toward each day at Wilmington Montessori School. It is all about expectations. We all have them and if we are fortunate we have someone or something that pushes us to meet the expectations before us… not because they are being demanding but because they know we can and will meet the expectations. We are capable. At times when we are unsure, those around us aren’t. They support us and guide us and move us closer toward our best selves.

As Seth Godin says: “If we can help just one person refuse to accept false limits, we’ve made a contribution. If we can give people the education, the tools and the access they need to reach their goals, we’ve made a difference. And if we can help erase the systemic stories, traditions and policies that push entire groups of people to insist on less, we’ve changed the world.”