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I became a teacher so that I could help students make their voice louder. Help students believe more in themselves. Help students grow, learn, and thrive.”

“I became a teacher to help students find the guts to say, ‘This is what I need, this is what I want.'”

“I became a teacher not to kill a child’s love of learning, but to protect it.

Pernille Ripp, a teacher and blogger in Wisconsin, wrote these words in her blog this week. She teaches language arts and is working hard to do her best with the students she teaches each day. I couldn’t have said it better.

She, like the teachers at Wilmington Montessori School, strives to help children find their voice and learn to ask for what they need to learn and to grow. She, like the teachers at WMS, works to nurture and protect her students’ love of learning. She, like the teachers at WMS, puts herself in her students’ shoes and walks in them for a while before asking them to do something that will push them to the next level of learning and growth. She, like the teachers at WMS, is building a future…for the students she sees each day and for our world.