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Reading this article once again reminds me of the hard work we are doing at Wilmington Montessori School – the work of igniting curiosity and wonder and of keeping alive so that when our students graduate they will take advantage of opportunities to learn, to make mistakes and to discover. Writing as a parent and educator, Jessica Lahey says it much better than I can:

Maybe it’s time to share some truths with her as I figure out where I went astray, and together we can help our kids rediscover their intellectual bravery, their enthusiasm for learning, and the resilience they need in order to grow into independent, competent adults. With a little luck, they will look back on their childhood and thank us; not just for our unwavering love, but for our willingness to put their long-term developmental and emotional needs before their short-term happiness. For our willingness to let their lives be just a little bit harder today so they will know how to face hardship tomorrow.

As we get ready for another school year, let’s work together to allow our children the opportunity to struggle and develop the “bones” needed to face their future.