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4 agreements

Our staff was challenged to choose one of the Four Agreements to practice over the summer months. As part of our goal in working to build relationships and strengthen community, we participated in professional development in June which outlined the Four Agreements as shared in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book of the same name. Each of us chose to focus on one of the agreements and to return to school in August prepared to discuss our success and challenges with this work. It is an ongoing opportunity for our growth and increased knowledge of ourselves and each other.

As you know from our mission statement, lifelong learning is a strongly held value at WMS. Not only do we work to develop our students’ interest in learning, as a staff we are engaged in learning and developing through our work at WMS. Our professional development ranges from learning about best practices in education to “nurturing our spirit,” which is a strong component of the Montessori philosophy. One of the reasons we choose to work at WMS is to continue our journey of discovery and growth.