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Great Lesson with Arts Integration
What do tai chi, an interpretive arts performance of the Big Bang, pumpkin picking, and a visit to the Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the United Nations have in common? On the surface nothing. In reality everything. Students at Wilmington Montessori School experienced all of these things in the past week. None of them are in the “official” school curriculum, yet each is vital to the education of the children at our school.

When Maria Montessori developed this method of educating children what she realized is that children learn by doing; the hands are the pathways to the brain. She also urged children to “go out” and explore their world; field trips are an essential component of a Montessori education. As children participate in these and so many more activities, they learn more about the world and how it works. They broaden their experiences and ask even more questions. Their curiosity and wonder are awakened; their love of learning continues to be sparked.

Education is not about a specific content or book or exercise. It is about questions, exploration and wonder. It is built each day through experiences in and outside of the classroom. It’s created from opportunities presented and shaped by the child and all who help to guide these experiences. And it never ends.