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Do you remember when computers took up entire rooms? When information was input using punch cards? Computers were initially developed for industrial and governmental needs and have evolved to be used by everyone for varying purposes. Where would you be without your device(s)? Technology, however, began tens of thousands of years ago with the earliest humans on the planet. People used it to move rocks and build wonders like the Great Pyramids and the Coliseum. They developed technology in order to meet their needs and improve their lives.The same is true today. Technology is ever-evolving, changing to meet our increasingly complex demands. Twenty years ago we could not receive the latest news, weather and baseball scores on our phones. People were glued to their newspapers each morning and evening, wanting to learn about what was happening in the world around them; we now take this instant access to information for granted. Spending the past several days at the PETE & C (Pennsylvania Exposition Technology Expo and Conference) not only taught us more about the latest technology available to us in schools from preschool through higher education; it also illuminated new ways to integrate technology into the school day, much as we do in our daily lives.

Technology was, and continues to be, a tool. It is not a means in itself. Everything from pencils to tablets – both paper and digital – are forms of technology. They are learning tools that enhance what we do and how we do it. Technology has opened the door for us to learn on our own time, to ask questions, and to seek answers that prompt further learning and thinking. As our technology program continues to expand and evolve at Wilmington Montessori School, we will continue to share its integration into your child’s school day. The one thing we know for certain is that the ways we use technology on March 3, 2016 are surely different from the ways in which we will be using it on March 3, 2017. As an independent school, WMS is able to learn and integrate new ideas into its practices in real time, benefiting our children immediately.