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DSC_1946comb_cropThis week I was reminded over and over again how much we rely on others. Most of us consider ourselves to be independent people who can take care of ourselves. As our youngest children are overheard saying, “I can do it myself.” Adults work toward that goal as well. Sometimes though, we need some help.

Over the past week, WMS had lots of “unexpected”things occur. The state’s licensing people showed up unannounced to do their yearly inspection – which, in itself isn’t surprising, but the fact that it happened at the same time we had an open house tour, a photographer capturing pictures of students and a child having a bit of a meltdown in the hall was unexpected. Help arrived for each of these situations, and no one had to be asked to help – they just did. The next day I overheard two staff members trying to figure out something on the computer. One helped the other and patiently led her through the steps needed to complete a task and when they moved on to another task the roles reversed. A parent told me of a child helping another child, easing his worries and patiently helping him through a tough situation, lending her empathy and understanding in a time of need. A teacher is working to figure out how to assist a child who needs a bit more understanding and support. Help is on the way.

All of these things are “unexpected” yet part of our daily routine at WMS. We may each begin our day with a plan, only to have it quickly shifted because someone or some situation needed our help. The beauty of this is that we give this help without explanation or justification. We are working together to provide the best learning environment for children. In order to do that, we are compelled to care for one another in the process. Creating a safe and caring environment for children and adults allows us to be willing to take the risks associated with learning new things and daring to make mistakes.

At WMS we know that just as the unexpected is part of the daily routine so is the safety net that allows us to ask for the help we need to learn and to grow.