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Blog - ElephantThere have been several occasions over the past few days to consider perspective. Construction is occurring at WMS. Walls have been taken down, doorways moved and entrances have been shifted. Things are changing and change can be scary…or interesting. As someone was overheard saying, “Things look so open. It is going to be great.” The same is true for moving our front entrance temporarily. “Where do I go?” Conversely, “Dad, I know where to go. Follow me,” was overheard as a 4-year-old led his father through the maze that constitutes our summer entrance. Perspective.

How do you look at things? How do you see what is presented? How does your perspective impact what you see and the reception that you give a new or different event or presentation? How does your view of the world impact the world? Does it look open and full of possibilities? Or are you uncertain about which way to go?