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About 20 years ago the phrase, “It takes a village,” was brought to the nation’s attention in a book written by Hillary Rodham Clinton. She did not author the phrase; instead it is believed to be an ancient African proverb, which translates to, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In the past month, I’ve been reminded of this proverb many times over.

Maria Montessori has shared her vision regarding the world village in which we live. We are called to honor those who came before us, to learn from the lessons others have learned and can teach us, and to rely on and support each other as we navigate our ever more complicated world. This is true for children and adults alike.

Every day in Wilmington Montessori school, I see examples of the village – children and adults alike – “raising” the children and adults in our community. This occurs from the moment a child holds the door for an adult entering the building in the morning to the adult who provides a warm smile when needed, and an entire classroom celebrating a child’s birthday with the birth and life celebration during which a child walks around the sun to commemorate each year of his or her life. Each of these examples may seem small when taken in isolation. When recognized as a tiny part of each day, they represent the village… our world and our planet.

Nothing we do for each other or in memory of others is too small an act. We are the village and we are here to support, nurture, and raise each other to continue to contribute to the global community or village in which we all live.