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rudyard kiplingStories. They are part and parcel of all of our lives. If we are lucky, we begin our lives with stories being read to us from a very young age. The books of our youth are often worn out before we tire of them. Children never tire of hearing a favorite book or story. Stories teach us the rhythm of words, the joy of surprise and the comfort of resolution. Our family stories may not be written in a book, though are shared from generation to generation. They too teach us the elements of a good story and are sometimes embellished, though rarely forgotten.

Summers are often full of friends and family. As your family gets together with those who share some of its history, what stories will be shared? Are there new ones that will have their infancy as a result of some activity or gathering that is happening right now? How will you help your children craft the story and, ultimately, the memory that will accompany them for years to come? Ask the elders in your circle of friends and family to share more of their stories. It is the gift of a lifetime and history in the making.