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This TED Talk shares New York Times bestselling author John Green’s struggles with school, his love of learning and his suggestion that perhaps learning today looks different than ours did when we were in school. He speaks of his attendance at a new school as a sophomore in high school:

“And all at once I became a learner. And I became a learner because I found myself in a community of learners. I found myself surrounded by people who celebrated intellectualism and engagements, and who thought that my oh-so-cool disengagement wasn’t clever or funny, but, like it was a simple and unspectacular response to very complicated and compelling problems. And I started to learn, because learning was cool.”

At WMS our students don’t have to wait to locate their community of learners. They are surrounded by them. John Green’s talk reminds us of what is important, what feeds our curiosity, our intellect and ignites our passions.