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Leap year. It comes every four years. Presidents are elected every leap year. The United States takes a major leap, deciding who will lead our country for four more years. Promises are made – some kept and others not. We know this going in, and we engage in the democratic process nonetheless.

Thinking about leap year causes us to consider the last time we truly leapt into an unknown, something we were unsure of and for which we couldn’t necessarily predict the results. We tend to play it safe. We notice the risk-takers, the people living closer to the edge, not only willing to try new things, but eager to leap. We each have varying tolerance for risk. We may risk our money, but not our physical safety, or we may do the opposite.

Most of the inventions we view as remarkable came about due to a risk, a chance taken by the inventor and maybe the people who first tried or backed the new idea. The changes in our society have been led by those willing to risk using their voices to move our world forward. We remember them, honor their contributions and respect their efforts.

As you approach February 29, think about the four years since we last had a leap year. What risks have you taken? What have you done that you thought you would never do? What have you continued to avoid? What led to the most personal and professional growth? This is a once in four-year opportunity. Will you take a leap?